Cawthorn Update - August 2, 2022

Hello Friends,
This nation is facing a tremendous amount of challenges; however, I firmly believe that the best is still yet to come. I wanted to update you on what's happening up here in Washington. I am honored to represent you here in D.C. and know that I will never stop fighting for you in Congress. You can also learn more about my efforts to help the district HERE
Service Academy Applications
The honor of attending a service academy comes with the obligation and commitment to serve in the military for a minimum of five years upon graduation. The mission of the U.S. service academies is to provide instruction and experience to all cadets so that they graduate with the knowledge and character essential to leadership and the motivation to become career officers in the U.S. military. To request a Military Academy Nomination from our office, please complete the following form below using the link provided. The deadline to submit a service academy application is October 31st and the application form can be found on
If you have any questions, please contact my District Director Brianna McMinn through her email which is [email protected], or through our Hendersonville District office phone number 828-435-7310Best wishes to you as you pursue your goal of attending one of the U.S. Service Academies and serving our country. 
Congressman Cawthorn Introduces Legislation to Establish The Free Cities Commissions Act
I was honored to introduce The Free City Commissions Act which would establish a free city commission to examine the effects of liberal government policy on American cities.
The purpose of this commission is to study the effects of progressive governance on cities within the United States over the last seventy-five years. Additionally, this legislation would investigate issues of mental health and allow the Free City Commission to examine the effects of a lack of educational opportunities within American cities. 
It is far past time to investigate and examine the effects that radical far-left policies are having on American cities across our nation. This legislation goes a long way in ensuring that the forgotten men and women in those areas of our country are given a voice moving forward.
Text of this legislation can be found HERE.
Stopping China and Foreign Countries From Buying U.S. Land
In Congress this week, I was proud to introduce legislation, which would aim to direct the President to take any actions that may be necessary to prohibit the purchase of public or private real estate located in the United States by foreign governments.
Ensuring that America does not become overtaken by globalists seeking to destroy her, has always been one of my biggest priorities here in Congress. One of the most important ways we can ensure this doesn't happen is by directing the President to take action to prohibit the purchase of public or private real estate located in the United States by foreign governments
Text of this legislation can be found HERE.
Protecting American Sovereignty


I was proud to have been one of the 8 cosponsors of my colleague Rep. Carlos Gimenez's Migrant Protection Protocols Act of 2022. This important legislation would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to require an alien arriving from a foreign territory contiguous to the United States to return to such territory.
Additionally, Congressman Gimenez's legislation would also codify the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which ensured migrants were returned to Mexico for the duration of their immigration proceedings and were given the notice to appear in an immigration court instead of being let loose in our country.
The weak decision made by the Biden Administration to reverse the Remain in Mexico Policy incentivizes Mexico to pass its border security responsibilities to the United States rather than dealing with the influx of migrants from Central and South America at the Mexican border. We must Secure The Border Now!
Text of this legislation can be found HERE. 
Standing With Those Who Protect Innocent Life
I recently joined Congressman Mike Johnson's resolution along with 39 of my Republican colleagues condemning the recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups, and churches. This resolution would condemn recent attacks of vandalism, violence, and destruction against pro-life facilities, groups, and churches, recognize the sanctity of life and the important role pro-life facilities, groups, and churches play in supporting pregnant women, infants, and families; and call upon the Biden Administration to use all appropriate law enforcement authorities to uphold public safety and to protect the rights of pro-life facilities, groups, and churches.
Make no mistake, I will always defend those who are willing to stand up to protect the voiceless and especially back our law enforcement authorities during these divisive times in our nation.
You can learn more about it HERE.
The Home Front
Photo Credit: Johnny Casey/News Record & Sentinel
Just weeks ago, a momentous victory was won for the most innocent amongst us. For nearly half a century, the specter of Roe v. Wade premeditated a silent American genocide, that stole the lives of tens of millions of defenseless children. Now, with its hard-fought overturning, a new fight in America has begun. The responsibility falls to all of us to serve. While I fight the murderous legislation here in Washington, movements like the inspiring anti-abortion demonstrations in Marshall are the home front in this great crusade for life. The message produced from this cause for life, able to bring a community of patriots together, is commanding. This is not the first gathering of this type in Madison County, and I pray today that it will hardly be the last. Let us follow the example of these patriots in Marshall, speak out with me until our collective voices are impossible for the elites in the capitals throughout this country to ignore. 
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