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President Biden’s vitriolic speech in Pennsylvania last week, in which he slandered tens of millions of Americans, was profoundly egregious. These men and women, true patriots, were branded with every name in the book for simply disagreeing with his policies. In case President Biden has forgotten, he serves all Americans – not a hand-picked group of people. What the country witnessed was the antithesis of leadership.

When will there be a primetime address on the catastrophes that continue to grow out of control from the southern border to our local gas stations and grocery stores? How about a primetime address to apologize to parents across the country who were targeted by the FBI and Department of Justice for speaking out at school board meetings? There are real issues that must be confronted, but all the administration chooses to do is point fingers and project their attitudes and actions onto others. As Leader McCarthy recently remarked, “Americans don’t want to change the subject. They want to change the leadership in Washington”

It's time for a new direction, and one that will get America back on track. This pathway forward starts with the Republican Commitment to America, an initiative that will:

  • Strengthen the economy.
  • Prevent taxpayer dollars from being wasted on failed programs.
  • Reinforce oversight and hold the government agencies accountable.
  • Fight inflation and lower the cost of living.
  • Defend American sovereignty.

Congress should be focusing on the pressing issues of the American people – not reckless policies and endless spending sprees that serve only to hurt the country. Imagine if Congress confronted the catastrophes we face today and produced sound solutions that would get the country moving in the right direction. That’s precisely what the Republican Commitment to America is all about. I highly encourage you to look over our plan and learn about the policies we will be championing on day one. 

 ICYMI: My Latest Op-Ed

Parents and students are bearing witness, in real time, to the decay of America’s education system, and they’re enraged at what they see. Plummeting academic standards, woke curricula, and secretive policies that encourage educators to lock parents out of the classroom are the new hallmarks of our public education system. We believe the cause of freedom starts in the classroom. That is why education is so important. Students should never find themselves trapped in a failing school. Families should be empowered to find the best learning environments for their children instead of being forced into failing public schools that may not meet their child’s individual needs.

To read my latest op-ed with Representatives Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH), click here.

Time For Transparency

Next week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee is voting on my legislation, H.Res.1266, to force the Biden Administration to comply with transparency provisions of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Reports now indicate that the administration is trying to hide the facts on their ongoing negotiations with Iran until after the midterm elections. This is purely unacceptable, and I’m fighting to hold them accountable. Congress must step up and do its job!

Quote of The Week

“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.”  -  Abraham Lincoln


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