Items Needed for HQ

Hello RCGOP,

With the start of 2022, l feel such a sense of hope, purpose, and a personal revitalization for the days ahead. There’s a fresh opportunity for each of us to recommit to our core values as a Republican Party, knowing we are in a very critical year of local and national elections which will end up shaping our lives in such profound ways. 

Together, we’ll launch new local endeavors designed to make our dear county, state, and nation everything God has intended and our predecessors faithfully sacrificed for. 

The foundation for all our local efforts is a common respect for our diversity with a commitment to party unity.

Our party leadership has seen strong growth and enthusiasm as a positive sign we are ready to forge new paths. As Republicans, Unaffiliated, or a growing number of Democrats shift their party affiliation, we’re pushing toward respectful local elections, powerful support for our district’s efforts, active engagement in the NCGOP, and practical support for national Republican endeavors. 

We are a purpose-driven party and will need the gifts, abilities, and experiences of every member to achieve our goals. 

We’re also a party of action, not indifference. We run to the battles, not cower on the sidelines. We stand shoulder to shoulder, defending Constitutional freedoms, protecting life, preserving our free enterprise heritage, restraining government overreach, and remembering all those things which have made America great!

With that said, we are today launching an aggressive campaign to physically outfit our party headquarters and we need your help! A first step is to purchase chairs for our meetings and you have the chance right now to purchase one for $30 in the memory or current honor of someone you love, respect and want permanently memorialized. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to help your party, and in doing so, remember an individual, family, church, business, school, former teacher, pastor, friend or anyone of your choosing. Single chairs or multiples can be purchased with your contribution which can be made by cash, check, credit or debit card either through the mail, online, or on site. Let’s get this done! 

With this note you’ll find a comprehensive list of all of the furnishings and selected items we anticipate needing right away. Our goal is to secure all these items by our next meeting on January 27th. You may already have some items on hand which can be made as an in-kind contribution in addition to the monetary support of others. Whatever you can do is appreciated! 


HQ Needs:

Tables: 3'-8’; 2'-6’
Medical kit (whole kit or individual items to complete a set)
Tool box/set
Cleaning supplies: broom, mop, sanitizer, cleaning wipes, toilet paper, facial tissue, etc.


Each one doing their part will mean that TOGETHER we’ll quickly get our party office ready for what we know will be very busy and productive days ahead. 

Please contact your RCGOP Vice-Chairman, Carl Napolitano, with your pledge of support. He has graciously committed to be the point person for this vital, practical effort. He can be reached at:

[email protected]
(561) 312-3333


I am thankful for your support. Let’s do this together! 

Thank you!
Chairman Bryson Smith
Rutherford County GOP
(828) 429-9488

 PS: Please don’t delay! While “standing” for America, we need to “sit” for our meetings!