Local Government Meetings Schedule

Hello RCGOP,

I would like to first state my appreciation for the many active Republicans across the county whose hearts are to make a difference in the world by having an impact in our community. Our success as the RCGOP rests in your activism. 

As we discussed at our last RCGOP meeting, every action that we take is purpose-driven. The Republican Party broadly speaking is led by the deep rooted principles of Faith, Family, and Freedom. We as community members have an important role that is often overlooked. That is our involvement at the local level in our communities, townships, and municipalities throughout the county. 

I speak with a personal conviction as I commit to being more active in this manner. Moving forward, the RCGOP will provide notification for upcoming municipal, county, and school board meetings and encourage everyone to attend as much as possible to ensure that your conservative voice is heard as loudly and clearly as the bell of liberty. Each of these meetings offers a public comment opportunity, however if you desire to speak on any topic, you need to arrive to the meeting(s) prior to its convening to sign up. 

Our country depends on our activism! Common people with a common goal and common purpose can do extraordinary things.

There are many great opportunities in the days ahead!
Bryson Smith
Chairman, Rutherford County GOP
(828) 429-9488